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Begining January 1st, 2014, UTFCU will be raising our NSF fee to $30.00.

please call

please call

UTFCU Card Services

Scorecard Rewards Visa CC

Be sure to use your cards for all of your everyday purchases and then watch your rewards add up quickly!

If you don't already have a University of Toledo FCU credit card that earns Bonus Points for every purchase, simply contact us or stop by the nearest branch location today!


International Prepaid "Chip Card"

EMV Chip Card for International TravelSome of our members have experienced problems using their Visa credit card outside of the country due to security features that have not yet taken effect here in the US. The credit union has a solution for our members who travel abroad. The new Prepaid Travel “Chip Card”, also known as EMV, is now offered at UTFCU. This card has the new chip technology that will allow our members to travel worry free knowing that they will have access to the cash they need. Please call or stop into one of our branch locations for details.

Visa TravelMoney Card

Visa Platinum Card


       EMV Credit Card Chip Technology - Coming soon!               


     Q: What is EMV?

     A: EMV chip technology is becoming the global standard for credit card and debit card payments. Named after its    

         original developers (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®), this smart chip technology features payment instruments   

         (cards, mobile phones, etc.) with embedded microprocessor chips that store and protect cardholder data.

     Q: What is a chip-enabled credit card?
     A: The University of Toledo Federal Credit Union Visa® Credit Card will feature chip technology. You’ll receive an   

          enhanced level of security as well as global acceptance.
     Q: How does chip technology protect my information?
     A: Every time you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code.
          This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used.

ATM Cards

Debit Cards

Visa Gift Cards

When it comes to figuring out the perfect gift, Gift Cards are brilliant.

Visa Gift Cards

They're a convenient, simple choice for busy shoppers. Gift cards are the perfect gift because they're safer than cash, easy to use, & can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Choose one of these three designs, for the perfect gift!


please call 1-800-543-5073

please call 1-800-991-4964


please call 1-800-808-7239



please call 1-800-600-5249

ATM Dispute Form - use this form for disputed ATM transactions


Allpoint Network
Alliance One ATM's - surcharge free for credit union members.
International ATM Search
- there may be fees associated with these ATMs.

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Please be advised that the Credit Union will never contact you via Text Messaging. There is currently a text being sent out asking members to verify their ATM/Debit Card Number and Pin, due to them being compromised. This message is NOT being sent out from us. Please do not call the 800 number listed in that text. If there were a problem with your card, one of our member service reps would call you directly. We will never ask you to verify your pin number.

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