Supervisory Committee

The University of Toledo Federal Credit Union is currently looking to fill three positions on our Supervisory Committee.

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: To act as the guardians of the members’ interests and rights. Carry out a series of checkups to ensure that records are maintained properly, honestly, and accurately; that policies established by law and by the board are carried out faithfully; and that members concerns are promptly addressed and resolved. This is a volunteer position.


1. Work with Committee Members, Board of Directors, the President/CEO, and the Executive Management team to ensure compliance with developed policies, goals and objectives of the credit union.

2. Ensure the credit union maintains a sound financial condition and that the credit union’s assets are protected against unauthorized borrowing and investing, by overseeing internal and external audits, ensuring adequate internal controls are in place and periodically testing those internal controls.

3. Recommend to the board policies and procedures that will insure proper operational checks and balances to protect the credit union assets.

4. Ensure that the implementation of new technology, products and procedures comply with all regulatory requirements for safety and soundness.

5. Review the activities of the Board of Directors and committee meetings to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.

6. Engage an external auditing firm, define the scope of its duties, and review progress in attaining the prescribed goals and objectives.

7. Actively participate in quarterly cash verifications of the operation.

8. Attend all regular and special committee meetings or sessions, as well as board of director meetings, unless prevented by circumstances beyond my control and excused by the Chair, or President/CEO.


• Must be a member of the credit union.

• Must be bondable by the credit union’s surety bond Company.

*Experience in bookkeeping, accounting, or auditing is helpful in carrying out your responsibilities for the audit and verification.

Please send in a biographical statement to the Hill Avenue office (5248 Hill Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615) or send via email to Biographical statement should include an
introduction and qualifications.

Thank you!